One of the Authors

Living in Alphen (NB), JM is an investigative writer and strategic thinker, inquisitive and persistent. He’s been intensively trained to maintain a cool, level-headed and analytical focus under extreme conditions.  With close to 10 years of supreme low flying in the Canadian and Dutch Air Forces, JM has managed risk in the most demanding of circumstances; experience which he’s put to good use following his decision to set his sights on a career in highly focused asset management.

Today, what tragically little is left of his hair, has turned a whiter shade of pale  …

After settling down on Wall Street, JM received his Series 7 and Series 9/10 Securities Licenses, and specialised in equity, option, currency- and interest rate derivatives trading. He’s endured all financial crashes and crises of the 80’s, 90’s, 2001, 2008 and 2012 at close quarters, and for >40 years lived and breathed the investment management & venture capital industry.

During the 90’s and 2000’s, JM specialised in the healthcare & biotechnology industries. His strength is detection of major trends and shifts early-on in global macro-economic powers. He’s recognized for broad scientific insight and in-depth knowledge about global financial markets.

In June 2000, JM set up and ran a deep-focus private equity firm with his close friend and business partner Daan. They operated with two high quality advisory boards and established a strong, international network. In 2011, they sold the company and up until end 2019, managed a buy-out of the firm’s main biotech asset. JM’s 25-year track record (1995–end 2019) shows a consistent 30% annual return (a >700-times absolute return).

The Key to Success

imageJM regularly brainstorms with long-term friends regarding macro-economic and monetary phase shifts, striving to be ahead of the curve. He loves cartoons, is an enthusiastic rower and avid reader, with an uncompromising nature and unbending personality.


Disclaimer: BlogChain is about investigative journalism and strictly not about recommendations to trade or invest in securities, currencies/crypto’s or derivatives. It’s about narratives meant to provide foresight into the discreet world of crypto, macro-economics & finance. Note that I’m not an investment professional and the blogs do not constitute investment advice.


Life defies both Gravity and Entropy …